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one of my favorites is 1-800-444-4444 it is an MCI line that reads back your Automatic Number Identification and is accessible from everywhere I have ever tried.
Someone else have any?!
Or am I the only person here that gives a damn about content?
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  • Unsu...
    i know nothing.
    i used to use 1-800-jailbond in highschool.
    would link me up to a free dial tone.
    then i could call anyone.
    that's as deep as i go.
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      offline 76
      Thats fucking awesome! Even if it doesn't work now it is still valuable to know. Why? Because it gives us a basis for scanning. Now we can assume that somewhere there are bail-bondsman phone numbers in the phonebook that we can scan up and down from or into and try to find something similiar! See even shit that doesn't work anymore (although I didn't check your number.) can still be useful. There I hope I have inspired some of you to get in touch with your inner-phreak.
  • Here's some more for ya
    800 444-4444
    It's BACK and working again!
    800 444-0800
    another MCI number back from the dead
    800 964-0176
    Live Talk Club Automated Call Plan System -NEW!
    800 964-0221
    Following numbers are Pat Live #s (it plays 401479 then your ANI) -NEW!
    888 253-8225
    411190 ANI
    800 204-4653
    010809 ANI
    888 253-8226
    411191 ANI
    888 253-8227
    411192 ANI
    888 253-8229
    411193 ANI
    888 253-8239
    411194 ANI
    888 253-8249
    411195 ANI
    888 253-8251
    411196 ANI
    888 253-8253
    411197 ANI
    888 253-8254
    411198 ANI
    888 253-8255
    411199 ANI
    800 235-8378
    009625 ANI
    800 789-4779
    201867 ANI
    800 729-0056
    302234 ANI
    888 776-5733
    409159 ANI
    888 821-4496
    400213 ANI
    800 404-3733
    A VMB
    888 294-7514
    A VMB
    800 314-4258
    800 523-9012
    Moragelink Demoline Faxback and ANAC in one
    800 660-2626
    888 221-0104
    enter any 5 digit code
    800 532-7486
    press 2
    888 324-8686
    I heard you think you're bulletproof
    • pardon my ignorance...
      What is an ANI number?
      • ANI == Automatic Number Identifier

        ANI is similar to ANAC, which is an Automated Number Announcement Circuit.

        ANI is typically a local number that will read off the fone number of the line you've used to call with. ANI's are controlled by local telcos and can be different for similar localities. For example, a town 8 miles from me has a different ANI than mine.

        Additionally, ANI numbers typically change every 6 months or so because the telcos don't want people knowing much about the fone system.

        ANAC is typically run by long distance telcos like MCI and sometimes last a long time. (The one I've been using has been working for me for nearly a decade!) ANAC is also not limited to particular areas like ANI. However, some will be billed as long distance calls.

        The number that B posted is not strictly either an ANI or an ANAC. It seems to be a service center number that happens to read your number to you first. Still useful, although it requires listening to "Welcome to MCI" each time you dial.
        • Jory,

          Thanks. In my small little village the ANI is a 3 digit number 311.
          I use it when I am installing new phones and get the pairs mixed up.
          What are some of the other uses for these numbers.

          In 312 in the 60's they used to have ???-2080 numbers.
          It was a reverse directory service ??? being the exchange.
          Also during that time 999 was something. I remember finding it because there was this TV program from England, I think called Call 999.

          Somewhere I used to live 1161 was a ringback number.
          You dialed that and hung up.

          This tribe brings back alot of memories.

          So whats the latest rage in phone phreaking these days?
          • B-
            offline 76
            I don't know I have been kinda out of touch after being raided by the feds in the early 1990's
            • Care to share the details of your experience with us? My friend, Lost Carrier, got raided, too. He was totally setup, which majorly stank.
              • B-
                offline 76
                I was set up too. Someone said I was doing something I wasn't and when I was raided they found something way worse than what they thought I was doing... kinda was the best thing that ever happened to me though because I finally got a career instead of a prison sentence because they needed me to teach for them instead of going to jail and teaching REAL criminals what I knew in order to preserve my anal hymen. argh. I would prefer not to go into details in public.
    • I condensed the above list down to numbers that work (at least from the 520 NPA):

      800 444-4444

      800 444-0800

      888 253-8225
      Pat Live 411190

      888 253-8226
      Pat Live 411191

      800 314-4258

      800 660-2626

      888 221-0104
      TELSCAN (enter any 5 digits)
  • 101073217709889664
    I use this in colorado, it doesn't work on all lines and sometimes I must revert to an 800 number (one listed below) but I've found that they don't always work... this one is the most reliable...

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